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Site Update - 11.10.2008

Been a while. Here's some video clips from my collection.


Featured Articles:

Daily Dish: The Lost Episodes 10.11.2001

My favorite Daily Dish author, Aaron Pewtherer, is unfortunately no longer working at TechTV, but he generously sent me two unpublished Dish articles to post on this site.

Custom Scrollbar Colors Tools Javascript Version, CSS Version, 9.21.2001

Ever noticed how some sites like this site and the TechTV site have customized scrollbar colors in the browser window? A couple months ago, someone on the TSS message boards asked how this is done. As with many of the questions that I try to answer on those boards, I didn't know the answer ahead of time, but managed to find the answer by searching the web. That search led me to customize the scrollbars on this page, but it was a lot of trouble trying to get the hexadecimal color numbers from a graphics program, and trying to coordinate the seven different parts of the scrollbar by trial and error. This tool makes it a lot easier. There are two versions, one generates CSS (cascading style sheet) code, and the other generates Javascript. I recommend the Javascript version because it is easier and has more options, but if you already use external style sheets for your site, the CSS version may be better. Warning: these pages only work for Internet Explorer 5.5 and later.

Diary of a First Time Computer Builder 8.26.2001 (last updated 12.19.2001)

I recently took on the challenge of building my own computer for the first time. I wrote this article to help and entertain those who are thinking of doing the same.

Why do I do this? I love The Screen Savers. There's no better way to geek out. For the uninitiated who may have stumbled onto this site by accident, TSS is a live computer show on the TechTV cable channel. I've been watching the show for two years, and it's now almost the only thing I turn on my TV for. I kept seeing things on the show which could use further explanation, such as Patrick's reference to Zaphod Beeblebrox. So, this site essentially contains my "footnotes" to the show. And anything else I care to throw in.

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