RGB to Hex Color Converter
Red Green Blue

Copy and paste the code in the box above into the head section of your HTML page.

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Credits: the code for the color slider portion of this tool was written by Andrew Houser, and is available from The Javascript Source

Custom Scrollbar Color Tool for Web Page Authors - CSS version

Internet Explorer 5.5 has the feature of being able to display custom colors for the browser window scrollbar. The tool below allows you to pick the colors for the various parts of the scrollbar, and then generates the code that you can then copy and paste into your HTML page. Start by clicking one of the six number boxes to activate it, then use the red, green, and blue color sliders to adjust to the color you want. The scrollbars on this page will automatically change to match. When you are done selecting colors, click the "Generate HTML style code" button. Then copy and paste the code that appears in the text box into the "head" section of your HTML page. Comments?