TSS Video Clips    

A collection of clips saved from The Screen Savers.

Leo's Interview with American McGee   02.20.2001
Leo Laporte interviews American McGee, designer of the game, American McGee's Alice.

The First House Call   02.20.2001
Roger Chang and Scott Herriot visit their first house call victim.

UGM 3.0   02.27.2001
Patrick Norton shows Leo Laporte the hard drives for UGM 3.0, plus Leo uses some inexpensive special effects.

Roger Chang explains flat IDE cables   02.27.2001
Leo Laporte gets a deer-in-the-headlights look when Roger explans why IDE cables are traditionally flat.

Closing segment: Leo's suspicious hair   02.27.2001
Leo Laporte got regular teasing about his suspiciously perfect hair.

Opening segment: Martin Sargent and Patrick Norton  03.02.2001
The news, a viewer's busted motherboard, and a fridge picture.

UGM 3.0 is almost done  03.02.2001
Patrick's series of processor mishaps earns him the title of Chip Fryer.

News and a viewer question  03.05.2001
The day's tech news, and a viewer wants to know what hardware to buy.

UGM 3.0 unveiling  03.05.2001
The unveiling of the Ultimate Gaming Maching (UGM) 3.0

Disturbing Search Requests  03.08.2001
A website that catalogs strange search requests.

Chris Pirillo of Lockegnome  03.08.2001
Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome makes his first appearance on The Screen Savers.

Megan Morrone's Net Tip  03.08.2001
One of Megan's early appearances on TSS.

Despair.com's Trademark  03.13.2001
Despair.com trademarks the frowny face :-( emoticon.

Removing the I Love You Virus  03.13.2001
Patrick and Leo help the boss's wife remove the I Love You virus from her computer.

Patrick Makes A Jacob's Ladder  03.14.2001
A viewer's question about voltage spikes prompts Patrick to construct a Jacob's Ladder.

Geek Library Fridge Mishap  03.14.2001
A geek library segment about Homer Hickam's Rocket Boys has a mishap.

Making the Jacob's Ladder  03.15.2001
Partick Norton shows how he made the Jacob's Ladder.

The Blackout Episode Opening Segment  03.19.2001
The opening segment of the blackout episode.

The Blackout Episode!  03.19.2001
TSS falls victim to a rolling blackout during an interview with Napster founder Jordan Ritter.

The Blackout Episode! Part 2  03.19.2001
TSS continues after a blackout with an Alternatip segment featuring Christina DeNike.

The Blackout Episode! Part 3  03.19.2001
TSS continues after a blackout with a Help Site of the Week segment about SecurityPortal.com.

The Blackout Episode! Part 4  03.19.2001
Poll results by Roman Loyola.

The Blackout! The End  03.19.2001
Viewer question, Leo throws the switch.

Dr. Pepper and Ludicrosity  03.20.2001
Pat spills Dr. Pepper, and uses the term "Ludicrosity".

Cat Schwartz's Debut  03.20.2001
The first appearance of Cat Schwartz in the Netcam Cineplex.

Blackout Aftermath  03.20.2001
Patrick and Leo discuss the aftermath of yesterday's blackout.

Martin's Quake Avatar  03.21.2001
Martin Sargent gets a customized Quake avatar by 3Q.

The Dot Com Bust  03.23.2001
Martin Sargent searches for busted dot com companies, and attends a job fair.

The Best Radio Hosts  03.23.2001
Martin interviews radio hosts Brandon Disney and Ken Colburn of The Computer Corner.

Teasing from Fireman Dan  03.23.2001
Fireman Dan sends a video about burning processors.

Radio Hosts Answer Viewer Question  03.23.2001
Radio Hosts Ken Colburn and Brandon Disney help answer a viewer question about OEM versions.

House Call for Ed McMahon  04.02.2001
The first celebrity house call: Ed McMahon.

Star Wars Invades The Screen Savers  04.03.2001
TSS gets a visit from Darth Vader, Storm Troopers, and Boba Fett.

Star Wars Invades The Screen Savers Part 2  04.03.2001
Patrick plugs the TSS web site at gunpoint.

Robot Sumo  04.03.2001
Martin attends a robot sumo competition.

Opening Segment  04.04.2001
Patrick and Leo discuss the news, including Sega employees stuck in detention.

Installing a Motherboard  04.04.2001
Patrick shows Leo the finer points of installing a motherboard in a computer.

Billy Bass Hacked  04.05.2001
Patrick and Leo inview Marty Vona, who hacked into the Big Mouth Billy Bass.

House Call: Sharing Internet Access  04.09.2001
Roger Chang and Scott Herriott are dispatched to a group of housemates share one Internet connection.

Patrick Unplugged  04.09.2001
Leo Interviews Patrick.

Leo Unplugged  04.11.2001
Patrick Interviews Leo.

Leo Dances Under the Influence  04.18.2001
Jessica Corbin shows a caffeinated Leo the Geek Site of the Day, Zefrank.com.

Martin takes the Bod Pod Challenge  04.18.2001
Martin Sargent tries the Bod Pod, a body fat measurement machine. (Speedo!)

Hardware for the Texas Computer  04.18.2001
Patrick describes the hardware for the Texas computer while Leo strokes each piece.

Speed Up Your PC with Lockergnome  04.19.2001
Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome is back with programs to speed up your PC.

Martin's Geek Makeover  04.23.2001
The results of Martin's Geek Makeover are revealed.